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Hear Hug Help 260x200 - The 3 Hs of Better Communication: Hear, Hug, Help
Communication Stress Management

The 3 Hs of Better Communication: Hear, Hug, Help

You’ve probably been here: you had a tough day and you come home and want to talk to your partner/friend/flatmate etc. to just unwind and let it all out… or maybe to simply whine or complain. And you don’t want or need a solution (not at that time, anyway), and yet they start giving you solutions or telling you how you could have done things better… and you get out of that conversation even more upset and feeling misunderstood.

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PCM Stress Management

How will you take care of yourself this year?

It’s almost the end of January, and I am still partly hibernating… I get things done, but my energy levels are not the same as when the sun is shining brightly… You might experience the same thing… In this article I discuss some self-care practices and review some PCM Theory regarding our Psychological Needs.

calmin your inner elephant
Neuroscience Stress Management

Taming Your Inner Elephant: Calming Heated Conversations with Neuroscience

If you are like me, and like most of us, you might find yourself in heated conversations from time to time. And I guess you already know that calming your inner elephant is not as easy as we would want it. It takes work and conscious effort to be able to do that “on the spot”. Here are several ideas I am trying to practice these days.

Into your life podcasts - Magda Tabac - Neuroscience of STress
PCM Psychology Stress Management

Talking about the (simple) Neuroscience of Stress on the “Into your life” Podcast

I recently had the pleasure of being invited by Lenka and Natalie, the creators of “Into your Life Podcast” to discuss my passion for neuroscience and stress management. Here is the link if you want to listen to the podcast.

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Neuroscience Stress Management

The breathing practice that calms anxiety and increases resilience

Many of the resilience-building exercises and practices can take a lot of time to work. The good thing about the breathing practice I am presenting to you today is that you can do it ‘on the spot’, without needing to physically disengage from the stressful/anxiety-inducing situation.

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