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Talking about the (simple) Neuroscience of Stress on the “Into your life” Podcast

Into your life podcasts - Magda Tabac - Neuroscience of STress

I recently had the pleasure of being invited by Lenka and Natalie, the creators of “Into your Life Podcast” to discuss my passion for neuroscience and stress management.

In very simple terms (just as I like it), we delved into some neuroscience concepts regarding stress and I shared some of the things I talk about in-depth in my online pre-recorded training on The Neuroscience of Stress and in my book with the same title.

Of course, being “The PCM Lady” that I am, I could not stop myself from sharing the PCM perspective on stress and motivation, so I talked a bit about the Psychological Needs we all have and which, if not covered, could also lead to stress.

I hope you’ll find it interesting and… most of all… useful!

If you struggle with stress in your life, maybe you’ll want to give my online self-paced course a try. And, because you’ve visited my site, here’s a 15% discount on my Simple Neuroscience: The Neuroscience of Stress course. Use the discount code iyl15 at checkout. PS – as I share in the podcast, you can use the same coupon for a 15% discount on my Open PCM workshops.

Take care, Magda.

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IMG 0008 683x1024 - Talking about the (simple) Neuroscience of Stress on the "Into your life" Podcast


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