Process Communication Model (PCM)

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  • There are three ways in which we can collaborate when it comes to PCM: in-house delivery (for organisations), Open PCM Workshops (where anyone can sign up) and One-on-One and/or Couples Debriefs.

In-house Delivery
For now, in virtual format, PCM Workshops last for 18h and can be split between 3 and 6 days.
Recommended group size: 4-12 participants (works best with 8)
Language of delivery: English or Romanian
Open PCM Workshops
In virtual format, through Zoom.
Workshops last for 18h, split over 6 weekly sessions of 3h each. Practical homework exercises given between sessions.
Language of delivery: English or Romanian
One-on-One Debrief
In virtual format, through Zoom.
Personal debriefs last for 2h
If desired, additional couples debrief can be organised.
Language of delivery: English or Romanian

Applied Neuroscience

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  • Neuroscience can help us in our day to day, at work or at home. It can teach us how to keep ouselves and our brains healty, how to forge better relationships, how to understand our actions and reactions, our stress and our emotions, how to form and keep better habits, etc.
  • Through my Applied Neuroscience Workshops and Courses I strive to bring the science 'down to earth', in an easy to understand and very practical manner.
  • Let's turn your life around by applying the latest neuroscience research for your success and wellbeing!

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