About Me

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Hello and thank you for dropping by! 

I am Magda, and I am a certified trainer in the Process Communication Model ® - an award-winning personality, management and communication theory.

Previous to this, I gained over twelve years of experience in multinational organisations in Germany, Brazil, Romania and the United Kingdom. I started my career working in strategy consulting and continued with  roles in commercial strategy and planning, customer experience and employee engagement.

During my last seven years in the corporate environment, I acquired a broad expertise in recruiting, training and coaching, assisting people to develop, in order to reach their full potential.

While most of my professional career was very much focused on numbers, analysis and strategies, I have nurtured the “human-side” of my work by being a volunteer trainer and coach. In my free time I read about psychology, neuroscience, NLP and coaching, and started to focus more on what these tools can bring into people’s lives, realizing this is what really made me tick.

This is the reason why I have made it my focus to work with people, to understand them and help them reach the life they want according to their dreams, their potential, their values, a happier life for them.