Science of Gratitude
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The Science of Gratitude

Today I want to share with you some things I’ve learnt during the NeuroMindfulness Coach Certification with regard to the science of gratitude. I’m sure you’ve heard many times about how gratitude can really help us in many ways, but you’ve probably wondered if there’s any study to back this up. Well, yes, there are …

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PCM PCM analysis

Podcasting about PCM with Crina Penteleychuk (in Romanian)

I was happy and honoured to be invited by Crina, another beautiful human and PCM Trainer I am grateful to know, to her podcast “Mind the Training” (in Romanian). Time flew by while we were podcasting about PCM, more specifically about distress and distress behaviours. How to recognise them and what to do about them.

Name it to tame it Magda Tabac Neuroscience Wheel of Emotions
Simple Neuroscience Stress Management

Emotional Regulation: The (Simple) Neuroscience Behind the ‘Name it to Tame it’ Technique

You’ve might have heard the phrase ‘name it to tame it’ when talking about getting your emotions under control. Let’s see the (simple) neuroscience behind the reason why this really works!

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PCM Theory of PCM

How to ‘read’ the Base Personality Type in PCM? A visual summary in drawings.

Following on the positive feedback I received for the first set of visual PCM summaries I shared recently, here I am again, sharing a second one. This one should help you when you are ‘profiling’ someone and you want to see what their Base Personality Type is in PCM.

Neuroscience of handwriting
Learning & Development Neuroscience

Simple Neuroscience: Why writing by hand promotes better and faster learning?

There are plenty of studies approaching the benefits of writing by hand, and many of them focus on the fact that it improves memory and promotes better and faster learning. In this post, I present to you a summary of my findings.

Colored crayons
PCM Theory of PCM

PCM Personality Types: a Visual Summary In Drawings

If you are reading this, you probably know about my passion for Process Communication Model (PCM). Now you will also find out about my passion for drawing. I’m just starting with this, so be gentle with me :). I thought I’d put this to good use and offer you a PCM Personality Types Summary in a visual, and hopefully easier to remember, way.

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