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Resilience; BMR Framework
Neuroscience Stress Management

Body-Mind-Relationships: A Framework for Resilience

Yesterday I was looking at some worrying statistics about stress in Great Britain, where, as almost everywhere in the world, the work-related stress, depression or anxiety numbers recorded.
On the other hand, I could not think: how many organisations invest in increasing resilience and implementing stress prevention strategies?
This is why today I want to share with you the BMR Framework for Resilience.

Charge your batteries; Coronavirus; PCM can help; PCM works;
PCM PCM analysis

How to “charge your batteries” during the lockdown? (3/3).

In this article I look at what we, as individuals, can do to “charge our batteries” and continue to be well and efficient as employees, parents, partners… humans.

How can we take care our ourselves first, so that we can extend our support to the others around us?

Today we look at Phase Imaginer and Promoter.

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