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How to “charge your batteries” during the lockdown? (3/3).

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This is the third post in the series dedicated to the best way to “charge your batteries” during the Covid lockdown. You can find the first blog, covering the suggestions for Harmoniser and Thinker HERE, and the second one, covering the Rebel and Persister HERE.

I invite you now to look together at the Imaginer and Promoter Phases.

Just as a reminder, here is the summary table for the main psychological needs of our Phase Personalities and the distress behaviours (failure patterns) we exhibit when we don’t take care to cover those needs (if we don’t “charge our batteries”, especially during tough times like a lockdown).

Summary slides PCM Magda Tabac Phase 1024x709 - How to “charge your batteries” during the lockdown? (3/3).

Phase Personality: Imaginer

Psychological needs: Solitude

Note: those of us with Imaginer Phase are probably the ones that enjoy the most our new work-from-home reality. Especially if we live alone or with a flat mate/partner who gives us our space. It gets more difficult if, for example, we also need to take care of home-schooled kids, feed them, manage their time and behaviour and get involved in their school activity, while also taking care of our workload in an efficient manner… It would not be as easy, and actually could become draining for us and, even though we love them and are happy to spend more time with them, after a while, we are likely to notice our energy reaching critically low levels. Therefore… here’s what we can do to “charge our batteries”:

  • Take some time just for you, at least 3-4 times a day: do not answer calls and do not focus upon what’s on your agenda or to do list; just free your mind and relax.
  • If you live in a “full house” tell your family/flat mates that you need solitude to be efficient. Ask for their cooperation with you taking solitude.
  • Read a good book, browse a magazine, watch a movie or play a game that sparks your imagination.
  • For lunch, get a sandwich and go out in a park, where you can be by yourself. Or take that walk just before or after your workday. Just you and your muses.
  • If you can turn any room in the house into your study, do it. Having a space just for yourself will energise you. If not, try facing a wall when you work.  Use noise cancelling headphones so that, your attention won’t be easily distracted by family or flat mates passing by.
  • Write, paint, draw, make a jigsaw puzzle, etc – use your innate dexterity to enjoy some moments by yourself, to reflect.
  • Meditate.

Phase Personality: Promoter

Psychological needs: Incidence (many exciting activities in a short period of time)

  • Challenge yourself to implement some healthy habits: do sports, – you can even invite friends to these challenges (if not physically, online, through WhatsApp etc. Make it exciting
  • Take part in interesting and exciting projects (be it at work or at home)
  • Get involved in selling products or services, so that you can enjoy quick rewards and/or bonuses.
  • Play online games, especially those that can offer you a challenge and some adrenaline. Some simulator-type games (for flying planes, driving fast cars, paragliding, bungee-jumping, etc.) might prove to be enticing.
  • Take up a new ‘edgy’ activity where you can meet new people with different perspectives, so that you can open up to new possibilities.
  • Reframe this whole period as a challenge and find the opportunities you can benefit from when all this will be over.
  • Follow the stock market and invest or take safe risks.

These are some of my suggestions. Please feel free to find those things that work for you, while keeping yourself and the others safe during the pandemic. Share your ideas in comments so that more people benefit from your insights.

And, remember, if we don’t take care of our psychological needs in a positive manner each day, we will be at risk of unconsciously trying to cover the same needs in a negative manner. This can lead to unproductive and, at times, even unsafe behaviours. Therefore, I invite you to put yourself first and take care of your psychological needs first, so that you will then be more positive and effective. This will enable you to support your dear ones or your colleagues when they need you.

Take care,


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