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How to make the best wishes for the six different Personality Types? (1/2)

Christmas presents; Best wishes

This was a blog post that a Harmoniser Base and Phase like me really enjoyed writing: how to make the best wishes for the six different Personality Types.

Given that the Harmoniser values relationships, family and friendships, connections… what better way to feel good than by reaching out to others and sending some positive energy their way?

So, this is my way of doing this, from me to you, to wish you a 2021 filled with what you find pleasurable and charges your batteries 😊.

Note: I’ll structure these wishes for the “pure” Personality Types (Base = Phase), but as two thirds of us will have their Phase different from their Base, please feel free to mix and match these wishes, and also please take what you need and what you find satisfying, helpful and inspirational.

And if, at times, some of these wishes will seem funny to you, and I hope some will, I invite you to energise the Rebel floor in you, with its sense of humour and playfulness, to help you to enjoy them! 😊

In today’s blog I’ll cover the Thinker, Harmoniser and the Rebel wishes, in the next one you’ll find the Persister, Imaginer and Promoter.

Here’s to a Merry Christmas and a 2021 filled with miracles!

Best wishes for the Thinker

  • May your 2021 work out just as you have planned it.
  • May all your ideas and all your good work receive the recognition they deserve!
  • May nothing delay your plans!
  • May people give you all the facts and data when they speak to you and organise their thoughts and ideas beforehand.
  • May all the decisions made by politicians, your line-managers and any other stake-holder of yours make sense, be logical and show there was clear thinking and analysis behind them!

Best wishes for the Harmoniser

  • May your 2021 be filled with the joy of friendship, the warmth of family and the blessing of connection!
  • May you be appreciated for the amazing person that you are!
  • May you surround yourself with things that hone your senses and make your home be nest like.
  • May you be close to your dear ones in 2021 and feel them close to you. May you be able to hug them, caress them and tell them how much you love and appreciate them! (after Covid passes and it’s safe to do so!)

Best wishes for the Rebel

  • May your 2021 be ”Wow!” and “Cool!” and really fun!
  • May you be surrounded by people who are spontaneous, creative and fun, up-beat and energetic!
  • May your days be filled with humour and laughter!
  • May you create solutions when others see only problems!
  • May you turn each boring task into a game and spread positive energy and enthusiasm around you!
  • May your 2021 be Greeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaattttt! 😊

Find the wishes for the remaining Personality Types in my next blog – to be published on the 31st of December.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy!


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