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The PCM Personality Structure and the Six Types of Personality – Harmoniser (4/7)

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If your Base Personality is Harmoniser, the following will be some of the defining elements of your personality and behaviour:

You value relationships and view the world by feeling about people and situations. Family and friendship are of high importance in your life.

EMOTIONS – are your main perception, and this is why you’ll be heard saying a lot words like: “I feel” “I’m comfortable with” “I care” “happy” “sad” “I love” “close”

If your base personality type is Harmoniser, then you are probably appreciated for:

  • Your warmth in relationship, your ability to nurture, be empathic, create harmony and give to others.
  • Your ability to feel first and take in people and things by feeling about them.
  • Your sensory application and your ability to use your five senses.


  • To stimulate your attention and interest, the person talking with you shoul use a warm and nurturing voice.
  • You naturally communicate with this Nurturative channel.
  • To feel good and be efficient, you require being recognized as a person, i.e. you’ll want to hear “I care about you”, “you’re important to me”. You desire unconditional acceptance of your person and need an environment that pampers the senses.
  • Under light distress, in an interaction with others, you become unassertive regarding what you do, think, or say, and give priority to the other. You may accept unpleasant situations or make “wishy-washy” decisions.
  • Under severe distress, you make mistakes; laugh at yourself or act “stupid”, attracting hostility from others as a consequence.

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