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The PCM Personality Structure and the Six Types of Personality – Imaginer (5/7)

Line with personality type colors dots - The PCM Personality Structure and the Six Types of Personality - Imaginer (5/7)



If your Base Personality is Imaginer, the following will be some of the defining elements of your personality and behaviour:

You value direction and view the world by reflecting about what is happening. Your privacy and your own space are very important to you.

INACTIONS – are your main perception, and this is why you’ll be heard saying a lot words like: “Need  time to reflect” “Wait for more direction” “Hold back” “Easy pace” “Own space” “Don’t want to rock the boat”

If your base personality type is Imaginer, then you are probably appreciated for:

  • Your calm, however grave the situation, in which you are able to quietly analyse the different hypothesis or possible solutions.
  • Your ability to reflect and think about humanity. Observing yourself, you don’t judge the others too quickly and you use your imagination for exploring all the hypothesis or possible options.


  • To grab your attention and your interest, the person talking to you should use a clear, unambiguous and direct way of communication.
  • You don’t react overtly. You take time to answer briefly if you are required to.
  • You may require external stimulation to do things and you tend to wait for others to get in contact.
  • To feel good and be efficient, you require your own private time and space for reflection and introspection. You may well “escape” during long meetings or discussions. This gives you the ability to endure difficult situations.
  • Under light distress, in an interaction with another person, you may wait passively, thinking that time will solve the problem. Then, if distress increases, you could withdraw, not finishing the work you have started.
  • You require a time of solitude to regain your natural efficiency.

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