PCM Personality Types: a Visual Summary In Drawings

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If you are reading this, you probably know about my passion for Process Communication Model (PCM). Now you will also find out about my passion for drawing. I’m just starting with this, so be gentle with me :). I thought I’d put this to good use and offer you a PCM Personality Types Summary in a visual, and hopefully easier to remember, way.

The PCM Personality Types are really interesting and they tell a lot about our personalities. They depict how we behave in normal circumstances and in distress too. And they are also quite complex, as they should be… because we are also complex beings.

This is how the idea of drawing a PCM Personality Types Summary was born. To combine my two passions with the purpose of making it easier to ‘stick’. It is true that our brain reacts better to images and remembers then the information easier, so let’s hope this will help you too to work easier with the Six PCM Personality Types Summary.

A quick guide on how to use them:

The top and left side of the PCM Personality Types Summary covers information about the characteristics of the Base Personality (so if you recognise yourself in the top and left descriptions of a personality type, it might be that that is your Base Personality).

The bottom and right parts describe characteristics of the Phase Personality (so if you recognise your behaviour under stress in the right part of one of the six PCM Personality Types Summary drawings, then probably that might be your Phase Personality Type. And then you would need to take care and meet the Psychological Needs at the bottom of the drawing, in order to ‘charge your batteries’ and become productive again.

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Ok, but, long story short, let’s look at those summaries :).

This is a carousel of images, so press on the right/left arrows to see the next/previous PCM Personality Type summary.

Thank you for reading and enjoy!

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