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My Process Communication Model Journey

How it all started for me and how it changed my life…

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It’s been almost four years now since I embarked on my PCM journey. It was at the beginning of a beautiful spring when I was told I will participate in a three day session of training about communication and stress-management. “Three days? Why so much? I have loads to do!”… that was my first reaction.  Process Communication Model Certified Trainer

Don’t get me wrong, I always appreciated opportunities to learn and, even more, if they were company-paid :). But my schedule was full: I was leading a Vodafone Romania-wide (4000 employees) employee engagement program aiming at raising awareness around better customer experience, with a focus on customer-facing employees. A busy schedule with many projects to be delivered working together with my project team of 12 team leaders, spread in various locations in the country. I loved that job!

After the first day of PCM training my thoughts had changed to: “Oh my God, this is amazing! It’s really spot on and weird how it can “read me” so well! Now I understand so many of the hiccups in communication I have noticed until now… I hope three days will be enough to learn and practice as much as possible from this Process Communication Model. It’s quite complex but really good”. And so it continued for the whole three days, full of “Aha!” moments for all of us. You could hear us saying things like “So now I know where I got this from!”, “So this is why people drive me crazy when they do that and I drive them crazy when I do things like that”, etc.

We had already heard good things about PCM and, after experiencing it intensively for three days, we felt like we had just hit the big pot: like we had just received the cipher to a better understanding of ourselves and the others. We were recognizing patterns in us, in our colleagues, line managers, in our family members, partners… like the veil was finally off. Now we had the key to how to improve communication, reduce stress and misunderstandings… it was not easy, many things to learn and remember and, most importantly… APPLY!, but it was there, in our hands.

No wonder NASA wanted to use this model in its astronaut recruitment… for them it was a matter of millions of dollars to get teams who would “combine” well under stress when in space. For us it was an easier mission, but all the same important.  Process Communication Model Certified Trainer

Why not become a Process Communication Model Certified Trainer?

Two years afterwards I had moved country and job but, for the first time ever, the learning from a training was still very much present in my mind, and I could still apply it. This had never happened before with any other training sessions (and, thank God, in so many years with big companies I had my share of in-class and online training).

That’s when the idea of getting certified in PCM came to mind. I loved the training, believed in its teachings and I could see its utility in everybody’s life: be it for professional or personal purposes. I was in the same country as the Master Trainer who had trained Paul Olteanu, the amazing trainer who delivered PCM to our group while in Vodafone Romania. A few phone calls later (one with Paul himself for a bit of coaching and Q&A – Thank you, Paul for this one and for all the following coaching discussions we had! 🙂 ) and my mind was made up: I was going to get certified.

Less than a year later and after 16 days of intensive Train the trainer sessions + hours and hours of practice + many books read… here I was, a Process Communication Model Certified Trainer, ready to deliver the training and improve other people’s life, just as PCM had done for me 🙂 .

The rest is history!


Process Communication Model Certified Trainer Process Communication Model Certified Trainer Process Communication Model Certified Trainer Process Communication Model Certified Trainer Process Communication Model Certified Trainer 

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Magda Tabac

Certified Trainer – Process Communication Model ®

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“Nothing is impossible; the word itself says I’m possible!” – Audrey Hepburn

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