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After applying it for several years and seeing it applied in various organisations, I am now convinced that PCM IS ONE OF THE BEST TOOLS FOR SUCCESSFUL TEAM MANAGEMENT.

PCM started as a therapy model and NASA has used it too, for two decades, as the primary tool for selecting and evaluating candidates. Thanks to PCM, NASA could predict the escalation of astronauts stress in certain situations, and under what circumstances this will happen.

In 1981, at the request of CEO-s, PCM was “translated” into a business tool. PCM is the right team management and communication tool for you and your company if:

  • You seek improved communication, synergy and higher organizational performance, but perceive you are surrounded by people who are stressed, demotivated, tired and prone to conflicts
  • You would like to make yourself understood faster and better
  • You would you like to understand others better
  • Help yourself or others avoid stressful situations or get out of your/their stress sequences before these escalate

Why should PCM be applied in your organisation?

  • Improved team management – by teaching leaders to tailor their management style to their staff members individually;
  • Team motivation and better leadership – by understanding the stressors and motivators for each member of the team;
  • Stress management – by understanding how each personality type responds to stress and acquiring the tools to manage the interactions effectively;
  • Higher sales – by understanding how and why different personality types function;
  • For more united, better performing and organized teams – by understanding the group dynamics and accepting and making the best of the differences between team members.

Who should participate?

  • Organizational teams (up to 12 participants / training session) from any industry and their leaders (special team analysis and team coaching sessions can be organised);
  • HR specialists;
  • Executive directors and managers;
  • Supervisors and team coordinators;
  • Anyone who wants to understand the mechanics of human interactions and fine-tune their communication skills – be it for their business or personal life.

If you are interested in finding out more about PCM for yourself or for your organisation, please feel free to contact me HERE. I’d be happy to discuss mutually beneficial collaborations.

I know I am subjective ;), but I truly believe that PCM is an amazing tool for constructive team management, improved relationships, better communication, efficient stress management… and much, much more.

Take your time and read more information about PCM HERE and please have a look at my blog HERE.

Stay happy,


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