The positive effects of Process Communication Model (PCM) Training

A 2017 article published in Training Magazine by Ryan Donlan, Ed.D., and Eric Hampton, Ph.D., Indiana State University; and Nate Regier, Ph.D., Next Element Consulting sheds light on some clear statistics regarding the positive effects of PCM training for teams.

The numbers obtained in the three-year global study of PCM training impact in six different countries were published in the Nov/Dec 2017 edition of Training Magazine. They showed significant, lasting positive impact for participants.

In a nutshell, the research found that PCM resulted in positive improvement in Personal Relationships (60.28%), Work Relationships (63.48%), Leadership Skills (61.64%), and Team Performance (62.44%).

The global study demonstrated positive changes in individual and team performance associated with training in the Process Communication Model (PCM). Data were collected from nearly 400 participants in six countries who completed an approved PCM seminar led by certified PCM trainers using standardized facilitation protocols. Results showed PCM training had a significant immediate and sustained impact on a range of personal and professional outcomes.

  • Average 62% improvement in professional and personal effectiveness. PCM resulted in positive improvement in Personal Relationships (60.28%), Work Relationships (63.48%), Leadership Skills (61.64%), and Team Performance (62.44%).
  • 96% of participants said they would recommend PCM. Out of 511 people who responded, 312 would recommend PCM “Absolutely, without reservation,” with an additional 181 saying, “Yes,” and 18 saying, “Maybe.”
  • Statistically significant improvement in personal efficacy. NEOS, a nine-item domain-specific self-efficacy assessment was administered pre-training, immediately following the training, and six weeks after training (follow-up). Participants rated themselves at “home” and “work” on staying motivated, trusting others, bouncing back, accepting failure, staying focused, asking for help, solving problems, and understanding their strengths and weaknesses.

PCM training resulted in positive change immediately and six weeks after the training. Regarding magnitude of change, at home, the growth was large pre- to post-training (d= 1.01) and stayed at medium six weeks later (pre- to follow-up, d=0.52). At work, the growth was large pre- to post-training (d=1.05) and also after six weeks (d=0.69).

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