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When I talk to people about PCM, or when I deliver PCM Workshops, one way or another we get to the point of discussing my favourite PCM books :). So, I thought, I would share them in this post too, for anyone interested to find.

Please know that I can only recommend books in English or Romanian, as these are the languages I read and understand fully. I know there are very good books published in French, German and many other languages, but as I am not yet able to fully grasp the subtle nuances in these languages, this means that those books have no chance of entering the list of my favourite PCM books… because I cannot read them :(.

So… here we go for the list of my favourite PCM books.

By the way: the links I share here are the ones I found to be more useful, and they are in no way sponsored by anyone, nor do I make a profit if you buy the books from these links. It’s just… sharing is caring… and a Harmonizer Base and Phase like myself cares :).

  • “Parlez-vous Personality” by Pascal Legrand, Gerard Collignon, and John Parr (buy it at best price here: https://www.processcommunication.ro/en/store/) – this was my PCM bible and go-to book when I got certified in PCM in 2017 and still continue to be one of my favourites. I still get back to it when I want to uncover new ideas and subtleties of the mode. It is aimed at coaches, but I think anyone can benefit from its detailed information, many useful examples and depth of knowledge shared. Definitely, one of my favourite PCM books :). As far as I know (but please correct me if I’m wrong), a newer version of this book has appeared under the name “Understand to Be Understood: By Using the Process Communication Model” (https://www.amazon.com/Understand-Be-Understood-Process-Communication/dp/152453207X)
  • “Limbajul Personalitatii” by Pascal Legrand, Gerard Collignon, and John Parr is the translation in Romanian of the above-mentioned book, so I can only strongly recommend it to Romanian speakers (buy it here: https://www.libris.ro/limbajul-personalitatii-gerard-collignon-pascal)
  • “Seeing People Through” by Nate Regier, PhD (you can find it here or on Amazon and other sites: https://www.next-element.com/resources/books/seeing-people-through/) – in this book, Nate Regier unloads into a simple and relatable story, the whole richness of PCM when it comes to personality diversity, accepting and embracing personality differences, with a focus on leading with PCM. Easy to read, easy to understand, all-in-all: a gem!
  • “How We Connect: Using Process Communication Model® to build healthy relationships”, by Mickaël Dufourneaud and Dean Heffta (https://www.amazon.com/How-We-Connect-Communication-relationships/dp/B0C5P9TW2Y). This is the newest book on PCM that I’ve read this year, just as it was published and, as one Amazon reviewer said: “[This book] brings strategy into the communication process to improve outcomes for all involved. You might say it’s <lense-changing> in your communication with others – bringing purpose to how you listen and respond”. Plus, what I can add, is that the book is really easy to read, and, even if it feels like that, I know directly from the authors (we’ve used this book as the base for part of the “PCM Deep Dive” Training in Bordeaux, facilitated by the authors), that every word has been checked and double-checked and analysed, so that Taibi Kahler, the creator of PCM, was on board with every key-word, every definition and every idea presented in the book. I can only recommend it as a beautiful journey through PCM and its richness.
  • “The Itiba Series – PCM for Children”, by Mickael Dufourneaud and Stephane Mercier. Surprise! At the PCM Conference in Bordeaux, in July 2023, I finally got my hands on the English version of a short series of four books aimed at explaining PCM to children. A-maziiiiing! I can only recommend them. They also have the French version, which is the original. You can find them here: https://www.humanaura17.com/boutique/itiba-anglais/

I hope you will find this list useful and please feel free to add in the comments your favourite PCM books in whatever language :). Let’s share the #pcmlove!

As always, stay happy, stay healthy, stay safe, 


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In my newsletter, I usually write about Process Communication Model and Neuroscience, and how they can help us in our day-to-day life.

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