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Step by step, book by book, article by article, aplied neuroscience found its way into my life. In time, it really became a passion: understanding how the the brain and the nervous system work and how they impact so much of our lives and our identities…

There are so many things that we can learn from neuroscience to help us in our day to day and make our experiences better: how to keep our brains and ourselves healthy, how to forge better relationships, how to understand our actions and reaction, our stress and our emotions… how to form and keep better habbits… oh, so many applications.

After years of simply reading books and articles, I have decided to take on the next step and attend several Applied Neuroscience Courses and Workshops with The NeuroMindfulness Institute in France and Dr. Sarah McKay’s Neuroscience Academy in Australia.

  • NeuroMindfulness Coach Certification Senior Practitioner Level Certificate Magda Tabac - Applied Neuroscience
  • Neuroscience Academy Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health Certificate - Applied Neuroscience
  • NeuroMindfulness Coach Certification Practitioner Level Certificate Magda Tabac - Applied Neuroscience

This is what I’ve focused on in 2020 and 2021 and, after months of studies, extremely interesting discussions with my teachers and peers, and another ton of books and articles read, I feel I can share the beauty and applicability of neuroscience with others.

I even started to write a number of applied neuroscience articles in my blog 🙂 here are the first two of them: Introduction in the Neuroscience of Stress: The Rider and Elephant Metaphor and How to Build Your Resilience with the MBR Framework (which got published on Thrive Global and Medium too!)

Following my “WHY” (“I help people lead better lives, through increased self-awareness, better communication and improved stress management”), I have now created a number of Workshops/Webinars with easily applicable bits of information – ready to be brought in your organisation.

Visit my dedicated page to find out more about the Applied Neuroscience Webinars and Workshops I can bring to your organisation.

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