The Neuroscience of Stress

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In the five hours of video training and more than three hours of recommended personal practices, the course Simple Neuroscience: The Neuroscience of Stress will offer you a simple yet comprehensive view of what stress is, how it impacts our mind and body and will propose a good number of simple practices to help you manage your stress better.

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About the Neuroscience of Stress Course

In today’s world, stress has become an increasingly large part of our daily lives.

While we can’t always avoid stressors and feeling stressed, there is something we can do to minimise their negative effects. We can understand why we react the way we do under stress, what is happening inside our brain and body when we are stressed and importantly, what we can do about it!

This ‘Neuroscience of Stress’ course offers a simple, yet comprehensive, view of these neuroscience elements and suggests several simple practices to help to better manage your stress. The aim is to help you to both ‘bounce back’ and ‘bounce forward’!

About the Instructor

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Hi! My name is Magda. I am a NeuroMindfulness© Master Practitioner and certified trainer in the Process Communication Model®.

I have over twelve years’ experience in multinational organisations in Brazil, Romania, the United Kingdom and Germany, where I now live. I began my career working in strategy consulting and continued with roles in commercial strategy and planning, customer experience, employee engagement and people management.

In 2017, after experiencing burnout and long periods of chronic stress, I decided to restart my career and embrace subjects that have always interested me and are close to my heart: training, psychology, and neuroscience. Therefore I became a Certified Trainer in the Process Communication Model® (PCM) and a NeuroMindfulness® Master Practitioner. I commenced my journey and mission to help people lead better lives, through increased self-awareness, better communication, and improved stress management.

I provide face-to-face or virtual services to customers across Europe.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn:

The Neuroscience of Stress online course was inspired by:

  • The many books I’ve read (and I recommend several of them during the course)
  • My two Applied Neuroscience certifications (with the NeuroMindfulness Institute in France, and The NeuroScience Academy in Australia)
  • Two podcasts on neuroscience that I listen to regularly and strongly recommend: the Huberman Lab, created by Stanford professor Andrew Huberman, and Mind Architect, created by master trainer Paul Olteanu, and his team.

I have invested over 150 hours creating this course, and hundreds (if not thousands) of hours in reading and training myself on this subject.

You will get to experience all of this in ‘just’ five hours of training videos and over three hours of recommended practices.


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2 reviews for The Neuroscience of Stress

  1. Andra Stefanescu (verified owner)

    The training brought a lot of value to me, helping with understanding my reactions and teams reactions to stress and finding ideas how to manage stress. It was also ideal for bringing awareness to how our emotions are happening and the “why” behind specific situations and how to identify them.
    For me was great to have a self-paced training that allowed me to “digest” the received information and do the assignments.
    I really recommend it to any person who wants to learn more about stress and also how to help others coping with it.
    The warm voice of Magda and so many real life examples during the videos brought the magic ingredients for me:)
    Thank you so much!

    Andra Stefanescu
    Trainer and Workshop Facilitator

  2. Iva Freeman (verified owner)

    I have thoroughly enjoyed taking this journey of exploring and gaining an in-depth understanding of the neuroscience of stress. Magda has found a brilliant way to bring science closer using language and real-life examples so it’s effortless to follow, understand and relate. I loved the practical exercises, tools, and resources provided to help manage my emotions and stress going forward. I highly recommend this to every busy individual, business owner, leader, manager or anyone needing to learn in an easy and very practical way how to improve the quality of life by reducing stress and gaining mental strength. The course is self-paced and provides you with ample opportunities to really gain knowledge and understanding at your own pace and in your own time. Thank you, Magda, massive value!

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