The PCM Core Topics Seminar (3 days)

Discover how to use your communications skills more effectively in business and personal relationships by attending this seminar. The PCM core topics seminar covers all the fundamentals of the Model. It is taught through didactic input, experiential exercises, group discussion and coaching on the application of the skills.

The seminar will show you how to apply the principles of PCM to your work environment and interact efficiently with a variety of people; it also applies to personal relationships. You will discover how to use the model to motivate yourself and others, recognise reactions to stress, predict distress behaviours and develop skills to manage and invite others out of distress. By the end of the seminar, you will be able to apply the PCM principles in all your relationships and develop several new skills.


The 3-day seminar agenda

DAY 1 

  • Going through participants’ needs and objectives, which will feed into the workshop calibration;
  • The 6 perceptions through which people experience the world and how they help us understand their everyday life;
  • Personality structure: the 6 personality types and their strengths;
  • Discovering and discussing both the individual and the team profile;
  • How each personality type manages and communicates;
  • Personality parts


DAY 2 

  • Channels of communications
  • Environmental preferences
  • Psychological needs and motivation factors for each personality type;
  • Personality phases: an explanation for changes in motivation that people can experience throughout their lives.
  • Missmanagement and distress


DAY 3 

  • Stress manifestation and conflict management;
  • Stress trigger factors and alarm signals;
  • Understanding our own and others’ stress reactions and what can be done to restore a constructive framework;
  • The science behind communication: the logical formula in which we can understand the emotions and needs of those around us, starting from observable behaviors;
  • Role play: how we communicate, how we motivate and how we invite a colleague out of their stress zone;
  • Integration of conclusions and exercises in the personal action plan;
  • Establishing practical ways to apply and monitor change.


Bring PCM into your life!

If you would like to bring the benefits of PCM in your professional and personal life and become a better communicator, learn how to better manage stress and how to invite others out of distress and back into productive behaviours, join my next Open PCM Workshop, starting in November 2021.


PCM Team Day Workshop (Team analysis & team building) (1 day)

This 1-day workshop offers the key to successful communication, cohesion and dynamic within a team. Based on a deep analysis of all team members Personality Profiles, we discuss and analyse the team, based on the prevalent perceptions, psychological needs and distress sequences of its members, and the best management style to be used. It’s is a revealing and eye-opening team experience, which will significantly improve team work and results. All team member’s attendance at the 3-day Introduction seminar is a prerequisite


PCM Advanced Topics Seminar (2 days)

This 2-day module takes you further into the model and provides additional exercises and practice to hone your new skills. As well as more advanced knowledge you will receive coaching and feedback on the application of the skills. Attendance at the 3-day Introduction seminar is a prerequisite


PCM Core and Advance Topics Seminars are well fit both for in-house delivery (8-10 participants), as well as for open seminars. 

The recommended duration of the Core Topics Seminar is 3 full days. However, for companies that find this duration impossible to accommodate, a 2 day version can be arranged.


Please get in touch to discuss the best solution for you or your company.  



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