The Process Communication Model Value Chain

  • With some people, our communication just naturally clicks. With others, it seems to follow a repeating pattern of tension leading to blame, attacks, or pulling away. These breakdowns are frustrating and can damage relationships and workplace effectiveness, as we just don’t understand why some people seem to see things so differently and behave in ways we find difficult to deal with
  • By nature, people are born with 1 of 6 unique and different personality profiles that drive different communication preferences and behaviors. Research shows that effective communication occurs only when we communicate in a way that works best for the other person. If otherwise, the common result is miscommunication and distressed relationships
  • PCM teaches a complete set of Adaptive Communication Skills that enable us to build Positive Personal Connections with almost anyone, even hard to deal with people who see the world very differently from us; resulting in more effective leadership and drive increased organizational influence.

The PCM value chain - Differentiators and Applications

  • PCM’s initial impact is to build people’s “Personal Power” through improved communications and personal connections. Then, empowered with these personal skills, PCM-trained individuals build their “Organizational Power” and influence

Learn the skills to observe, analyse and adjust behavior through effective interaction


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Differentiators and Application Domainspage 4 - Differentiators and Applications

After the Process Communication Model (PCM ©) seminar you’ll have the skills to…page 5 - Differentiators and Applications

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I usually write about Process Communication Model and Neuroscience, and how they can help us in our day-to-day life.

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