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Collaborative and Blended Learning – Katrin Kircheis

Collaborative and blended learning is a key ingredient in any organisation’s approach to learning and development.

As an entrepreneur and freelance trainer, I got to hear about and see some companies who have implemented such an approach and saw it working wonders for their teams.

Another advantage of being a freelance trainer is that you get to meet like-minded-professionals, who invest time and energy in keeping up with (or being at the forefront of) such trends and become positive agents of change in their field.

One of such pleasant encounters has been with Katrin from KiKa Training, who creates collaborative and blended learning solutions for organisations.

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Katrin Kircheis, Managing Director and Learning Consultant at KiKa Training Limited

From a young age, Katrin’s dream was to become a teacher. However, she soon found out that by being one herself, kids and teenagers are exhausting and changed course. She started travelling and stayed in places like Iceland and Australia. This gave her the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and get to know their outlook in life. Eight years ago, she moved from Germany to London where she settled down and found her new passion – teaching adults.

Through her company, KiKa Training Limited, she offers collaborative and blended learning programmes that make learning a habit and boost performance in companies.

I will introduce Katrin through this 5 minute video, taken at the DisruptHR conference in Nottingham: 

Developing Performance Through Collaborative Learning: Share It Like A Polaroid Picture | Katrin Kircheis | DisruptHR Talks.

DisruptHR run information exchange events designed to energise, inform and empower people in the HR field.

Where to find Katrin:

+44 (0) 7880 360 645


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