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Please find below a number of testimonials from my clients. You can also find them on my LinkedIn Page if you click HERE.

Mark Brown, The Intuitive Coach, Founder – The Intuitive Learning Company, UK.

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Magda (The PCM Lady).

I’m stumped where to start with this, but I feel implored to do so. Ok, let’s start with the person.

Magda is so ‘giving’ by character. She goes above and beyond what you’d expect, providing so much more insight knowledge and value. She knows her stuff too, inside out and back to front, which I found so reassuring. It’s like she has considered every possible question in advance and found the answer. During her delivery of ‘Process Communication Model’, she showed great stamina, enthusiasm, empathy and compassion (both with the subject and the attendees), alongside her unquestionable knowledge and skill putting the materials across.

Don’t be fooled by the name ‘Process Communication Model’. It is one of the most detailed and complete personality tools I’ve seen. I particularly love how it explains my individual psychological needs; what happens when I don’t get my needs met and what occurs under stress, and then remarkably, what I can do about it. Similarly, ‘Process Communication Model’, helps me have a much deeper understanding of others and how I can recognise their stresses and how I can help them.

I can’t think of a business, or role within any company where knowing this couldn’t help; productivity; profit; engagement; well-being; and teamwork. I would recommend that your business invests in ‘Process Communication Model’ training, for your people, with ‘The PCM Lady’ Magda Tabac.

If your business doesn’t invest in this for you, get in touch with Magda direct, and book yourself onto one of her open courses. It’s a fantastic course delivered by an amazing lady.

Sandrine Soubes, Founder, Tesselle Development, UK.

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During the Autumn 2020, I took part in a series of virtual live workshops on the ‘Process Communication Model” […].

There are so many models about personality types and communication that it can be difficult to really differentiate what may be really helpful in challenging our approaches to interacting with others.

The positive personality of Magda and her commitment to showcasing the power of PCM motivated me to enrol in her programme. I became intrigued about what this was all about.

As a trainer, it can be challenging to be in the training room as a participant! However, Magda’s delivery of this programme was really excellent. The PCM is a complex model with many layers. Magda was able to take us step by step through the varying stages of the model and showed us with clarity and patience its different components. Magda created a convivial virtual environment to help the group share insights and develop an understanding of how to use the model. She provided resources for us to continue our learning journey of PCM and responded expertly to our many questions. This is a really powerful model as it draws from our early childhood experiences and brings to the surface elements we may have forgotten or not even considered in the way we are interacting with others in the present. It brings a lot of understanding about our stress mechanisms and the impact it may have about how we are able to communicate with others. I really recommend others to dare learn more about PCM with Magda!

Anne Walsh, Excel Trainer and Author, UK.

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At the end of 2020 I attended a PCM course with Magda Tabac.

It was a revelation, both in helping me understand WHY I got stressed about certain things and why some of the people around me did as well. The course offered great insight about ways to handle those challenges in the moment.

It was illustrated with a wide variety of both personal and fictional examples which really helped to bring it home. It offered key insights about the “currency” of different perceptions by giving examples of their typical language – to help you communicate more clearly with them. This is a really powerful model – used by astronauts so that says it all!

Magda delivered the course with delightful warmth and enthusiasm.

Christine Morrison, Personal Safety at Work Specialist, Founder – CMA Training, UK.

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I recently completed Process Communication Model training with Magda. It was a thoroughly fascinating and enjoyable experience.

The PCM model has helped me to understand so much – not just about myself but also about all other personality types. PCM provides excellent tools and techniques for learning about yourself and others, and for identifying how we can all communicate better with others and deal with distress more effectively.

Magda has a wonderful delivery style. She knows her stuff inside out and is so generous about sharing her time, knowledge and excellent materials. Her passion for PCM shines through in every interaction. She is knowledgeable, warm, energetic and enthusiastic. She makes everyone feel extremely comfortable, welcomes all questions and consistently meets the needs and exceeds the expectations of each delegate.

I highly recommend Magda as a trainer and PCM as a topic if you want to increase your self-awareness and improve your communication skills – both on a personal level as well as professionally.

Anna Marsden, Co-Founder, Head of Training and Digital, UK.

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Magda is a joy. She is professional, friendly, compassionate and motivated to give you the best training content she can. She drew on sound theoretical frameworks in her PCM training programme as well as using video and cultural references throughout to demonstrate learning points. The course was interactive from the start and she used breakout sessions to get us to really experience the learning. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Magda as a trainer.

Nicoleta Dradiciu, Chief Operations Officer, AEGON Romania

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I recommend the Process Communication Model training to those who want to improve their self-knowledge, build better professional and personal relationships and ger better at managing stress. Magda can help you to vicariously experience all personality types, for a better understanding of the PCM concepts.

Oana Nistor, Senior Business Analyst at Axway Romania

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I’ve recently had a PCM debriefing session with Magda. I really enjoyed the way the session was conducted, more specifically the flexibility in delivering very interesting information relevant and related to me, also taking into account my previous knowledge in relation to the model. In addition, another point I appreciated a lot was the availability Magda proved before and after the session. While planning the best approach to move forward, Magda promptly answered all my questions and provided all the necessary details for a smooth organization of the session. Furthermore, Magda remained available after our debrief for any further questions I might have. Thank you again so much for everything!

Mihaela Maiug –  HR Specialist, Agency of the European Commission, Netherlands

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PCM is the one training that I loved while I was learning about it and that stayed with me long after I finished it. Self awareness is so important and so rare nowadays and PCM gives you excellent tools for getting to know yourself and the ones around you better, to understand how each of us could communicate better, to identify the signs of distress and to tackle them timely and effectively.
Magda, the trainer who delivered all this awesome information is a through and through Harmonizer, so you know she will do everything in her power the make everybody in the class feel comfortable and good at all times and a Thinker, so you know that everything will be organized to perfection and all the info provided will be relevant and within the right timeline!
I highly recommend both this training and Magda as an excellent combo to boost your self awareness and upgrade your personal and professional competencies!

Cristina Goanță – Senior Business Analyst, LV= UK

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Magda manages to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, while keeping everybody focused on the subject presented. She is fresh and authentic, open and ready to answer all our questions, carefully addressing each need of her audience. Her previous experience in the business environment has been a treasure of relevant examples for me, as I could clearly see she was understanding our business reality and offering top-notch advice.

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I usually write about Process Communication Model and Neuroscience, and how they can help us in our day-to-day life.

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