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Personality Types charm you
Communication PCM

How would the different PCM Personality Types try to charm you?

If you’ve followed my blog or are already familiar with PCM, you know that the different PCM Personality Types speak a different “language”, have different character strengths, and well… they would charm you differently. Remember, we all have the Six Personality Types in us, in different orders and with different intensities, so we’re most probably …

Charisma; people watching charismatic presenter

The Power of Charisma – What’s the Neuroscience Behind?

It’s been a while since I’ve written an article about applied neuroscience and, because several discussions these last few weeks brought the subject of charisma to the table, I was curious to find out more about what neuroscience says about the power of charisma. Therefore, this week I will share a summary of my readings on the subject. 

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