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Coronavirus; Covid 19; Earth and Face Mask; How to charge your batteries during the pandemic. The PCM perspective.
PCM PCM analysis Theory of PCM

How to “charge your batteries” during the lockdown? The PCM perspective (1/3).

In this article I look at what we, as individuals, can do to “charge our batteries” and continue to be well and efficient as employees, parents, partners… humans. How can we take care our ourselves first, so that we can extend our support to the others around us?

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PCM PCM analysis Theory of PCM

What are typical career choices for different Base or Phase Personality types?

I am frequently asked this question during my PCM sessions and PCM Profile Debriefs. Is there a best career choice for the different personality types? Well, yes, there is… but it’s not that simple 😊. Let’s explore this subject together

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