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Neuroscience of Creative Thinking - Hedgehog Toy

The Neuroscience of Creative Thinking and Mindfulness

Creative thinking is an increasingly important skill in the work environment, especially since it differentiates us humans from artificial intelligence.

Do you remember the last time you had a creative “aha” moment? Was it when you were working hard on solving a problem, or was it more when you were relaxed, for example when you were having a walk or taking a shower?

PCM; Perceptions; connect; work together;

The magic of connection starts with… the Process (Part 2)

There is a reason why Process Communication Model is called… “process”.
Because it is in fact like a “recipe” for good connection, communication and stress management 😊.
This means that the way we can connect with others and motivate them is through a simple process, which, if followed step by step can lead to great results.
(Part 2/2)

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